Path to Eagle Scout

The path to the rank of Eagle Scout is a long but rewarding one. The Bee Cave District Advancement Committee is here to help the Scout properly navigate this path. Specifically, the committee reviews and approves project proposals, reviews and approves Eagle Scout project fund raising applications, participates in the Eagle Scout boards of review and acts on appeals from the unit level for Eagle Scout applications and Eagle Scout boards of review.

To assist the scout in tracking his or her progress towards Eagle we have a document that has been successfully used by many scouts. Scouts are encouraged to download the guide and include it in their Eagle binders. They will refer to this document several times along their path to Eagle.

The document has links to the current Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, the current Eagle Scout application and the Council's procedures for applying for the rank of Eagle Scout as well as the steps to follow along the path to Eagle.

Click here to download the document or view it at the bottom of this page:

The Path to Eagle Flowchart has been updated as of April 2024. Please download the latest version and note that our District Advancement Chair, Mr. James Ezell, has his contact information listed in this document.

Bee Cave District’s Path to Eagle 20240312-1.pdf