Bee Cave District Pinewood Derby Championship

This event has been unfortunately canceled due to a lack of registrations. This will be talked about at our next upcoming Roundtable and we hope to try again next year.

The Bee Cave District is excited to announce the long-awaited Pinewood Derby Championship! This will be a great opportunity for racing and fellowship for everyone in our District (youth and adults!)!

When: April 13, 2024, 9 AM (CANCELED)

Why: A long-awaited and requested event by our Bee Cave District members for our District members!

Where: Lake Hills Church (Confirmed!)

Download and share the flyer here!

Register here and don't forget your PWD merch!

Car check-in and schedule:

Car Check in: April 12th from 4 PM to 8 PM at the Church. No cars can be checked in on race day.

PWD race day: April 13th starting at 9 AM and proceeding on a rolling start basis until around 1 PM.

Throughout the day there will be awards for the races as each category is completed.

For the Outlaw race, each car will be given one exception to the rules! (exceptions - motor, springs, propellants and weight not to exceed 150% of ruled weight)

Bring a Friend to let them experience Cub Scouts!

More updates and details will follow so please keep up-to-date on this page and your email!

Rules and Regulations Documents:

Point of Contact: Tom Lambe -