Webelos Woods 2015

For reference purposes, this Webelos Woods page has been archived for posterity!

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Webelos Woods 2015

Webelos Woods 2015 is in the record books, and was a great success. This page is being left up for reference purposes until we get ready to launch Webelos Woods 2016!


Webelos Woods 2015 activities will span from Friday, September 25 through Sunday, September 27 at Muleshoe Bend near Lake Travis.

Webelos Woods is the first opportunity for 4th-grade Webelos Cub Scouts to learn what Boy Scouting is all about, and for 5th-grade Webelos Cub Scouts to continue to meet and interact with Boy Scout Troops as part of preparing to cross over into Boy Scouting. It is a weekend trip that exposes the boys to Boy Scout camping using the Patrol Method, in a Boy Scout-led outdoor adventure, supervised by adult Boy Scout leaders, and with parents nearby.

Registration is required - please see the "Registration" section below.

For a quick overview of what it's all about, click here for the announcement flyer

Webelos Woods Planning Sessions

Webelos Woods 2015 has been completed, with great thanks to all our volunteers and attendees!

All meetings were held at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church, 7127 Bee Caves Road.

 Please keep this page bookmarked for next year's Webelos Woods!

Webelos Woods Information Packet, Registration and More

Webelos Woods Information Packet

Please download the "full packet" document and be familiar with all the information there. For convenience, you may click here to download the individual sections from the Files section of this website if you need to refer to just one item quickly.

Webelos Woods 2015 - Full Packet

All Materials for Webelos Woods 2015 Participants in a single PDF file

Webelos Woods Registration Page

All registrants are required to register for Webelos Woods - both youth and adults! After you have reviewed the registration section of the Webelos Woods Information Packet, please click the link below to access the Capitol Area Council's event registration system for Webelos Woods 2015!

Bee Cave District Webelos Woods 2015 Registration Page

Webelos Woods Contacts

For questions or assistance, please contact:


Webelos Woods Volunteers

Our Webelos Woods volunteer leadership is what makes this event special. Please be sure to thank them for their service after this terrific event is in the record books!