Webelos Woods 2022

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Webelos Woods 2022

Webelos Woods 2022 was held on Saturday, September 24, 2022 as a morning event only. Feel free to visit our Webelos Woods Archives pages for information about our previous Webelos Woods!

Webelos Woods is the first opportunity for 4th-grade Webelos Cub Scouts to learn what Scouts BSA is all about, and for 5th-grade Webelos Cub Scouts to continue to meet and interact with Scout Troops as part of preparing to cross over into Scouts BSA. It is an event that exposes the Webelos to Troop activities using the Patrol Method, in a Scout-led outdoor adventure, supervised by adult  Scout leaders, and with parents nearby.

Please send any questions or comments via email to WebelosWoods@BeeCaveDistrict.org.

Webelos Woods 2022

Webelos Woods Planning Sessions


Round Table on Thursday, September 8, 2022 will be the final planning session. Please see our calendar event for more details.


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Webelos Woods Volunteers

Our Webelos Woods volunteer leadership is what makes this event special. Please be sure to thank them for their service after this terrific event is in the record books!


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